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WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.


The Goon, the Brat, and the Unruly


Eli and his goonish "friend" travel the world, scamming merchants, lords, queens, and anyone else with cash.

Their next target is Voonder, warlord of the Wilder Clan.



GBU - 2017 Edition


GBU was originally created in 2010 and updated in January, 2017.

13 new pages were added and most older pages were touched-up.


The Mild version has 9 of the new pages.

The Savage version has all 13 new pages.

The Blackmoon version has all new pages plus some updated pages from the donators' version.





 Mild Version

(80 pages)

Savage Version

(92 pages)

Blackmoon Version

(104 pages)




Commentary added January, 2017





The Goon, the Brat, and the Unruly


by Element

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