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The Cast of Characters


Voonder Kint
Savage Goblin

Goblin Raiders of the Lost Lad
Trick or Eat 1.5

Disaster on 28th Ave.
Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds

It's a Voonderbar Life

The Goon, the Brat, and the Unruly
Drama of a Wild Kid

A Fistful of Collars

V is for Voonder



Voonder is a sly, devious goblin who enjoys the taste of a human flesh above all else.  He enjoys the fear he forces upon his victims before devouring them alive and as cruelly as possible.



(told in "Drama of a Wild Kid")


Voonder was in the Gob Scouts as a child.  Unlike his fellow Gob Scouts, Voonder wasn't initially consider to be a worthy hunter.  In fact, he was rebellious and many in the Wilder Clan considered him to be nothing more than an untamed brat.


Despite what the others thought of him, Voonder proved himself to be a worthy hunter, catching more victims than any other Gob Scout, and earning his coveted Savage Hunter Badge.


Image from Drama of a Wild Kid.

A young Voonder and Rawrs go hunting.



Rise to Power

(told in "Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds")


Warlord Zarmn, who had led the Wilder Clan for decades, was sick and tired of Voonder's shenanigans.  The young, blue-haired goblin had slain countless number of victims, most recently a trio of boy scouts.  Voonder's cruelty was brining unwanted attention to the clan.


Image from Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds.

Voonder meets some scouts from Troop 888.


Making a deal with Captain Barnoles, Warlord Zarmn sold-out Voonder, handing him over to Polywerp authorities for arrest and execution.


While awaiting his death sentence, Voonder was held in a prison in Shark Lake.  Lucky for the goblin, a lad named Holden came to his aid.  The boy helped Voonder escape the prison and in exchange Voonder was to free his sister who had been kidnapped by the Wilder Clan.

Image from Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds.

Voonder makes fun of poor Holden.


Upon returning hom, Voonder slew Warlord Zarmn and seized control of the Wilder Clan.  Voonder then enslaved Holden after freeing his sister.


Image from Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds.

Voonder gets his revenge on a brat who previously mocked him.



The Kytton Faux Pas

(told in "It's a Voonderbar Life")


Still young and unruly, Voonder wasn't prepared to lead the clan.


Image from It's a Voonderbar Life.

Holden becomes Voonder's ottoman.


One of the new warlord's first foreign meetings was with emissaries from a nearby Kytton clan.  The prince of the the Kytton clan, Lynki, had come along to offer Voonder a gift.  However, being the selfish and hungry goblin that he is, Voonder mistook Prince Lynki, himself, to be the gift and grabbed the young Kytton with the intent of savaging him.


This didn't go over well with the Kyttons, especially Lynki's mother, Queen Yolandi, who sent Singa to kidnap Holden to hold as a hostage.


Voonder gathered his most loyal friends and attacked the Kytton palace, killing the queen and kidnapping Lynki.



Seeking Treasures

(told in "The Goon, the Brat, and the Unruly")


Voonder feel victim to a scheme orchestrated by a mysterious man in a fedora who convinced the goblin he could make a huge profit by buying and ransoming Eli.  Bargaining for his life, Eli offered to lead Voonder to where an ancient treasure was rumored to lie hidden.


Image from The Goon, the Brat, and the Unruly.

The Goon sells Eli to Voonder for a mere 10,000 polies.


Voonder and Eli, an uneasy alliance, set off for the Tomb of the Moon King.

The goblin warlord returned to the Wilder Clan with vast amounts of wealth.


Image from The Goon, the Brat, and the Unruly.

Eli in the Tomb of the Moon King.



Betrayal and Exile

(told in "A Fistful of Collars")


Voonder became a very popular Warlord after returning with the Moon King's treasures, though he wasn't universally loved and some goblins plotted to overthrow him.


Image from A Fistful of Collars.

Voonder is betrayed.


Sane, a wicked shaman, and head of House Mettz, exploited Voonder's weaknesses and, through deceit, usurped power.


Voonder was imprisoned and sentenced to death.  However, with the help of Rawrs and Rikkots, Voonder managed to escape and flee the Wilder Clan.



A New Journey

(told in "V is for Voonder")


After fleeing the Wilder Clan, Voonder journeyed to the desert lands to recruit Naxos.  The duo then travelled to the great city of Polywerp seeking a life of wicked fun.  Boss Coyote, however, was quite displeased that the goblin stole his slave hunter.


Image from V is for Voonder.

Voonder mentors Naxos.


Once established in Polywerp, Voonder conspired with Zee to overthrow the leaders of Shadow Sol and take control of the criminal organization, himself.


Currently, Voonder leads Shadow Sol and is the most powerful crime boss in Polywerp.



Other Images

(from various comics)


Image from V is for Voonder.

Naxos and Voonder capture Cohen.


Image from V is for Voonder.

Voonder vs an Aardvark.


Image from V is for Voonder.

The leftovers are for the buzzards.


Image from A Fistful of Collars.

Voonder is betrayed.


Image from The Goon, the Brat, and the Unruly.

Voonder and his late-night dinner.


Image from A Fistful of Collars.

Voonder meets Kanyon.


Image from The Goon, the Brat, and the Unruly.

Voonder's throne room.


Image from Goblin Raiders of the Lost Lad.

Kyeat captured by Voonder and Hanz.