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WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.


Monstrous balls invade St. Damon's School!!



Since the Regnad Toys incident, Payton has seeing a psychologist.

He was mocked and teased by his peers at Napoleon Middle School, so his

parents pulled him out and sent him to a boarding school called St. Damon's.

Though scarred physically and emotionally, Payton is strong-willed and is trying to move on with his life.

Payton is doing better at his new school.

He has met new friends and is becoming better focused with his school work.




Pages:  74

Rating:  Savage

Price:  $7.99

Date:  June, 2011





From Issue 1

From Issue 1

From Issue 2

From Issue 2

Cover for Issue 1 (2011)

Cover for Issue 2





added April, 2016


From Issue 2


From Issue 2

From Issue 1







The Lost Dodge Ball Scene -- two pages I planned but never created have been drawn by Spiffmouse.






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