Trick or Eat 9
Pale Anne

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WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.

There is an urban myth that claims that if you say "Pale Anne" three times into a mirror at midnight, that a wicked witch will come for you.


Tarran, under peer pressure, dared to say her name thrice, and, consequently, was kidnapped and enslaved by Pale Anne.


After serving her for many months, Tarran learns that the wicked witch plans to kill, cook, and eat him on Halloween Night.

Escape is impossible and the lad knows his only hope of seeing November is to prove to Miss Anne that he is more valuable to her as a servant than as a meal.




PAGES:  43
RATING:  Savage

PRICE:  $4.99

DATE:  Halloween, 2011








This comic is also included in the Trick or Eat - pack 2 at a discounted price.


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