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I, BoyBot was experimental, getting away from monsters and horror to do a weird sci-fi story.

A few non-comic BoyBot images existed prior which fueled the interest to create a proper comic with a narrative.



This is one of the very rare no-gore comics.

While some gore comics have an edited version with the gore cut out, I, BoyBot's only version is no gore.

It would be 6 years until the follow-up comic when we get another no-gore comic.



I, BoyBot was, to my surprise, the top-selling comic the year it was released (2012).

I suspect this is largely due to the comic's unique theme drawing in new interest while still selling copies

to those who enjoy all Wundercomics.



The bots went unused for about 6 years until finally brought back for BoyBots - Directive Zero.



For years, I thought of I, BoyBot as an anomaly and I didn't plan to use the bots again until I decided

they'd make a fun menace in a series of connected comics I was planning.

BoyBots - Directive Zero was as much of a reintroduction to Kaden (Wunderboy) as it was for the Bots.

They're further developed in Teen Amazing.



Wilson claims he created the BoyBots in I, BoyBot and mentions this again

in Conquests of the Dungeon Masters.  In future comics, we learn that the nanobots used to

make the BoyBots were actually created The Provider who abducted Wilson and gave him the tech.

It's safe to assume that Wilson was lying as we wanted to take the credit for himself.



Wilson is one of the four main characters in Conquests of the Dungeon Masters.

I, BoyBot was created before I thought of the idea bringing four established characters together and the comic's ending

was not written to be a connection to Dungeon Masters.  Luckily, I, BoyBot ended in a way that worked for Wilson to be teleported to the dungeon.

The other three characters (Oliver, Joel, and Billy), however, were all designed to survive their prior comics to later be in Dungeon Masters.



I've lost the save files (but not character files) for most early 2012 comics including I, BoyBot and Sinister Swarm which makes future editing difficult.

If I do edits, I need to do them over the finalized pages, not the save files with separate layers, editable text, etc.





 New Cover



I've remade the cover from scratch as all the save files were lost.  The main thing I wanted to do was make the army of background bots

look generic as they all looked like Bailey in the original cover.  I was also sure to give them the bracelets which were absent before.



The original (2012) and new (2019) covers.





Updated Page



Wilson narrates the situation, including repeating Bailey's dialogue.  By error he says "Where am I?" instead of repeating "What's going on?"


FIXED!  You can download the fixed page 3.






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Updated characters:  Wilson and Bailey

Updated entries:  The Bots




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