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Sinister Swarm was the first comic using the Phase 3 resolution which is still used at the time this commentary is created.

As I was adjusting to this new style, some of the first pages in Sinister Swarm have smaller frames with larger backgrounds.



Sinister Swarm was also the first comic I created with my left hand.

I am left-handed but prior to Sinister Swarm I had always used my right hand for my mouse.

Coincidentally, the word 'sinister' once meant left.



As with other comics from early 2012, the save files for Sinister Swarm are lost, meaning any future edits I do can only be done on top of the finalized pages.

This also means the editable versions of the covers and logo are lost.



Senator Baxter is named after Baxter Stockman from TMNT who is also a mutant bug.



Each of the three Bugs comics were created during a different phase -- different styles and resolutions.



The "Buffet" song at the end of the comic was (loosely) written to the tune of the chorus to "Chainsaw Buffet" by Lordi.








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