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The title comes from the 80's horror movie "C.H.U.D."



One of big BHUDs victims is a character with a small part in "Little Crop of Twerps."



The hungry captives fought over a candy bar that the choir boy had in his pocket.

None of the captives get the candy bar.  Instead, a BHUD eats it.



Original Ending

In the first draft of the comic, Tristan would have been caught by the BHUDs shortly after escaping

and dragged back underground to be devoured.  This final scene was cut and replaced with the "Mr Zee" scene.

However, one page (without text) exists from the original version.  Click above to view it.



Mr Zee Ending

In the released comic, Tristan escapes the BHUDs and sometime later goes on TV to talk about his

ordeal.  On the TV show, another guest, Mr Zee, claims he's a real monster and proves it by eating

poor Tristan alive while everyone watches in horror.




I've never really been happy with BHUD's ending.  While the Mr. Zee scene is perfectly fine isolated from the rest of the comic,

it feels very out of place.  Additionally, Mr Zee has since joined Voonder's gang, putting him in a world different than the

modern-day setting seen with Tristan and the BHUDs.

For this Comic of the Month, I've re-done the ending, cutting Mr. Zee from the comic...and Tristan SURVIVES!

There are some new stories coming soon with Tristan.





 New Cover



I've made a new cover.  It's not meant to replace either of the two covers, which I still like, rather be an additional image in the pack.



The original covers for chapters 1 and 2.





New Pages / Ending



As mentioned, I think the Mr. Zee ending didn't feel right.  I have made a new ending for BHUD,

and Tristan survives (for new comics!).  I used some assets from the Mr Zee ending, but made new images as well.

This new ending is now canon but the Mr Zee ending will be included with the comic as an alternate ending.


This new ending is available for free to all until July 1st.  After that, it will still be part of the main comic download.






Wunderpedia Updates




Updated characters:  Tristan, B.H.UD.

New entries:  BHUDs




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