Episode IV

Den of Scum and Villainy

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Warning!!  This comic contains graphic depiction of blood and gore!

Tensions rise between the Interstellar Senate and the crime boss known as Goolah the Grand.

The notorious gangster continues to trade illegal weapons, slaves, and narcotics,

despite harsh sanctions being imposed upon the planet Nadina, the heart of his trade empire.


The Senate, embarrassed by recently-failed negotiations with Goolah, orders Captain Kyoto of the SS Elizabeth

to secretly dispatch two of his cadets to deliver a message directly to the villainous mogul.


Meanwhile, on the nearby planet Varp, Cadet Laguna leads a small team of space cadets on a

mission of exploration, oblivious that they are being hunted by a gang of slavers....



Rating:  Savage
(edited, no-gore version upon request)




Issue 1



Pages:  42

Price:  $8.75

Date:  Dec, 2015

Issue 2



Pages:  54

Price:  $9.75

Date:  June, 2016


Full Comic



Pages:  96

Price:  $17.75

Date:  June, 2016







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