Goblin Raiders of the Lost Lad

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This was my first 'big' comic, being about 40 pages with about 100 frames.
It was started in early March, 2004 and finished about a month later.

"Goblin Raiders of the Lost Lad" tells the story of a boy named Kyeat who takes a shortcut home from school one fateful day.
However, Kye's shortcut leads him straight through goblin territory, and goblins are well known for devouring children alive!
Will Kye make it home safely, or is he goblin chow?


Also, this is the first comic with Voonder!





Not currently online, but available upon request.

WARNING!  This comic has blood, gore, and death!

"Goblin Raiders of the Lost Lad" cast:

Kyeat - The Lost Lad
Voonder - Savage Goblin
Hanz - Thuggish Goblin
Zarmn - Goblin Warlord

German translations by:
Stefan Assam and T Andi, with
additional help from Fritz Haarmann.


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