This pack includes ALL comics from Phase 1

with options to include or exclude the Trick or Eats.


Space Cadets 1

Space Cadets 2


Mouth of the Beholder

Lad of the Dead

Desert Dreams


Death of a Paperboy

Soccer Party Massacre

Summer Camp Slaughter

Disaster on 28th Ave


Blight of the Bugs

Twisted Tales 1

Twisted Tales 2

Dino Park 2

Most Dispensable Game


Kyle in de Nile

Brett of the West

Kyle the Combatant

Toxic Absolver




The Trick or Eats are an add-on.

This is because there are separate Trick or Eat packs. 


Trick or Eat 1.5

Trick or Eat 3

Trick or Eat 4






Comics are Rated:  Mild - Savage


Discounted Price:  $40

Add-On Option:  $5 add-on for the 3 Trick or Eats

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