This pack includes the first half of the comics from Phase 2

with options to include or exclude the Trick or Eats.


Space Cadets 3

Attack of the Ravenous Arthropods

Prince's Pride

Apocalypse Chow

Boy Scouts B

Twisted Tales 3

Dungeon Newbies

Dindopia Park 3

Run, Bunny, Run


Screaming by the Pool



The Trick or Eats are an add-on.

This is because there are separate Trick or Eat packs. 


Trick or Eat 5

Trick or Eat 6

Trick or Eat 7






Warning:   All comics contain blood, death, etc.



Discounted Price:  $30

Add-On Option:  $5 add-on to add the Trick or Eats

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