This pack includes the second half of the comics from Phase 2

with options to include or exclude the Trick or Eats.


Market of Zardur

Twisted Tales 4

The Glob

Harvest in the Pumpkin Patch

Treacherous Toys

Wasteland Ryder

Monster Balls!

Beware of the Marsh Monster

Freaks of the Funhouse

El Tiburon

Little Crop of Twerps



The Trick or Eats are an add-on.

This is because there are separate Trick or Eat packs. 


Trick or Eat 8

Trick or Eat 9






Warning:   All comics contain blood, death, etc.



Discounted Price:  $30

Add-On Option:  $5 add-on to add the Trick or Eats

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