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New Cover






There really isn't too much to say about this comic.

The title describes it all perfectly.


BBB is one of my oldest comics, created upon seeing bugs crawling around inside.

It's early June, the bugs are back, and I felt this was a good time to make BBB the CotM.






There are three comics in the "bugs" series each of which were created during a different phase/style:

BBB is phase 1, using "tall" pages, Arthropods is phase 2, using "wide" pages, and Swarm is phase 3, modern style.



The titles for the 1st and 3rd comic in the series are alliterations.

In hindsight I wish I had done the same for the 2nd story (perhaps "Attack of the Atrocious Arthropods").





New Cover



New cover!

This is for the 2nd issue.  I think the main cover, which was remade only a few years ago, still holds up.



I also did some minor touch-ups for the main cover (2015 version).






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