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Though its visuals are dated, Mouth of the Beholder is one of the more significant stories in the

development of Wundercomics.  The comic introduced the city of Polywerp, the veks, and

many characters, ideas, and themes that would be used in future tales.


When Lad the Impaler was being created there was not an idea to have a series

of stories revolving around Datton.  Mouth of the Beholder gave the young paladin

a second story and the status of most popular Wundercomics character next to Voonder.







Mouth of the Beholder has several parallels to The Wizard of Oz.


Though not based on her, Datton's role is similar to Dorothy's in that he is the character on the journey who meets new friends along the way.

Both possess innocent and idealistic values.


The Tin Man, like Taylor in MotB, represents love and compassion.  Both are on a journey to find something from a powerful being in a far-away city.


JayKey and the Scarecrow represent truth and intelligence.  Both prove to be very resourceful though lack self confidence.


The Lion and Tuatha both represent courage and inner strength.  Tuatha is introduced while on a quest to prove himself.

While in development, Tuatha's name was suggested by Odin/Loki.


Both the Wizard and Justice rule over their respective cities and both offer the heroes gifts they truly don't need.






New Cover



I recreated the cover, keeping the same basic look.


Three versions of the cover:  2005, 2011, and 2017.






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