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There is an older Dinodopia Park comic, created in 2003, which is only a few pages.


Dinodopia Park 2 is essentially the "first" in the series.

It has a plot, story, characters, three-act structure, etc.








Jur Ass Has Had It

Dinodopia's name is a hybrid of Dinotopia and Jurassic Park.



Dr. Sonny

Dr. Sonny makes his debut in Dino Park 2, though there are no ladies for him to charm.



Original Dino Park

Like most of my very old work, the original Dinodopia Park is not

accessible from this website's menus (though I do give it upon request).

This is because I find these older comics to be embarrassingly bad.



Dino Logos

Though the oldest Dinodopia comic is hidden away, its logo has survived through the entire series.








There are three covers, the most recent made in 2015 when I created Dino Park 4.



Promo Cover (2006), Original Cover (2006), New Cover (2015)







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