March, 2016






WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.



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(contains spoilers)

The Most Dispensable Game is a pretty straightforward Wundercomic:

four victims are captured and hunted by a monstrous man on a dangerous island.


This the first of two comics with the hunter Dima, later seen in Run, Bunny, Run.

Comrade General, however, was first seen in a much older comic: Operation Undoing Freedom.







The Most Dispensable Game was the final comic of "phase 1" -- the "tall" comics.

It also was the last comic to have descriptive boxes, which I phased out in favor of a more visual style of story telling.






(contains spoilers)



The comic's title and some of its ideas were influenced by the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell.

Switch the Cossack hunter with the KGB and his monstrous creation ...

and switch the "dangerous" men with "dispensable" lads and you have yourself a Wundercomic.




All images have two save files:  one for the root 3D render and a second 2D Photoshop files with text, effects, gore, etc.

Unfortunately, all these Dispensable Game save files were lost years ago, making any future editing virtually impossible.

I have the finalized pages, of course, but the editable versions are gone forever.




I've always been a huge Alice Cooper fan.

While the character Cooper is not named after the shock rocker, I felt it appropriate to have a boa

(or is it a python, I don't know) wrap around the lad's neck similar to the stage performances of the singer.




The song Abreze sings comes from Mr. Van Driessen, the hippie teacher in Beavis and Butthead.

The full episode with this song can be found linked below.  The song, itself, starts around 4:25.

Beavis and Butthead - Bus Trip




Benji has a bull's-eye target on his both his hat and shirt

which is unfortunate considering his situation.




The Russian is authentic, translated by someone who speaks/reads both English and Russian fluently.

However, I no longer have my original translations.  Perhaps the only obvious word is мясо which means meat.

I believe the final thing Dima speaks is "Game Over."




There's a reason the for captive get split up as quickly as possible:

my computer at the time simply couldn't handle more than two figures at once.

In fact, you only see all four "heroes" together in two frames and even then they are rendered separately and later merged in post work.

Nowadays, with better tech and a much strong computer, I can easily handle rendering 10+ characters at once and at higher resolution.





Updated Page



Much like with movies, I don't always make my scenes in chronological order -- in fact, I almost never do.

Consequently, continuity errors are possible, especially with a scene change.

One such example is the iguana's tongue changing color and appearance from the first few frames to the last.

I have doctored that final frame so the creature's tongue looks the same.


Fixed Page 21

Iguana's Tongue




Sample Pages