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New Cover


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Unlike the first two Datton comics, which were more self-constrained stories, Lad of the Dead was created as the

first part of a trilogy of tales which would end up also including Desert Dreams and No Rest for the Righteous.


LotD, middle entry of the five in the series, is the darkest of the Datton comics.






Sky (the saurus) was influenced by one of my favorite childhood PC games: Quest for Glory 2.



Though featured in several commission projects, canonical Marshall and Henry only appear in two comics:

Lad of the Dead and (briefly) in No Rest for the Righteous.  To date, the two are alive and well.



The duel between Datton and Drake was a real pain to create because

the program would crash after each and every render, forcing me to reload everything each time.

For whatever reason, these two figures, together, caused the crashes.

Consequently, Drake's role was significantly reduced in Desert Dreams.






New Cover



I recreated the cover, keeping the same basic look.


Chapter 1 Chapter 1

Three versions of the cover:  2005, 2011, and 2017.






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