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WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.


Below you will find:



Updated Cover

Updated Character Profiles





(contains spoilers)

Though fairly uncommon, some characters do manage to survive their horrible ordeals seen in WunderComics.  Payton is one such character.


Being the sole survivor from Treacherous Toys, there was no doubt that Payton would find himself in future tales.  Though where would he end up next?

Originally, I had planned for him to be in a psychiatric hospital in his 2nd tale, an idea I'd later explore in his 3rd comic.


In its genesis, Monster Balls was not designed with Payton in mind.

I wanted to make a comic about killer sports balls and, initially, Milo (then unnamed) and Alexsey would be the two leads.

A very early draft of the cover (which was once given out as a prize for finding Blackmoon) featured Milo front and center.

Ultimately, I figured this comic would be a great follow-up story for Payton so he took the lead and Milo was bumped down to lesser role.


So then we had a crazy story idea of monstrous sports balls combined with a survivor of a previous WunderComic.

What could possibly go wrong?





(contains spoilers)



The 80's Madballs, some of which I had as a child, were an influence for the comic Monster Balls.



The ridiculous Monster Balls song is (loosely) sung to the tune of the Madballs commercial.

Read the lyrics below while listening to the Madballs song.


Monster Balls

Monster Balls


On the hunt

On the prowl


You better fear the Monster Balls


They're hungry, mean, and don't like greens

They bounce and chase and come to bite


On the hunt

On the prowl


You better fear the Monster Balls

You better flee the Monster Balls

It's too late now -- Monster Balls



There is also an older version of the song which I did not end up using.

This one I wrote to the tune of "Thunderball" by Tom Jones.

I was not happy with the lyrics and went with the other idea.

You can click the image above to view the old version of page 11.



Monster Balls part 2 was easily the most complex comic I created to that point, having many

violent kills during the massacre scene that required a great dose of hand-drawn blood and gore.

Alexsey's fate, in particular, was a real challenge to finish.



Several of the monster balls are decorated with text or symbols.

Golfy has a smiley face on its side.



The last line of the comic is "Worst.  School.  Ever!" spoken by Payton.

This is to mirror the final line of his first comic (Worst.  Christmas.  Ever.)




Updated Cover


I remade the primary Monster Balls cover in March, 2016.

Above, you can see both the original (left) and new (right).




Updated Character Profile


Alexsey's profile image was pretty old so I decided to redo it with my modern style/quality.

We now have a cleaner look, no sheen, touched-up clothes, etc.


Payton's profile image was actually remade in 2014 so I did not feel the need to do anything new for him.







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