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Updated Character Profile

New Cover


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Apocalypse Chow and its sister comic, The Prince's Pride, were created in preparation for Datton's 5th story:  No Rest for the Righteous.


These two stories would reintroduce the city of Polywerp and two of Datton's friends:  JayKey and Tuatha and bridge to the return of the young, brave paladin.

While neither is absolutely necessary to understand No Rest they serve as side stories, adding flavor to a larger tale.








It's probably obvious enough -- the title comes from the film Apocalypse Now.



The 4th chapter of No Rest for the Righteous is the most direct follow-up to Apocalypse Chow.

Its subtitle, "Spirit of Darkness", derives from the novel "Heart of Darkness" upon which the film Apocalypse Now is based.



Mojave is named after the Mojave Desert, one of the hottest and driest places in North America.



I created Mojave when I was pretty young -- about age 12 or 13.  I searched for drawings I made back then but was unable to find them.

In addition to drawings, I modded Mojave (with pixel art) into Wolfenstein 3D in the early 1990s.

The original looked similar to the Wundercomics version though without armor and had flames atop his skull.




There is a lot of flirting in Apocalypse Chow!

Dr. Sonny (the charmer from from Dinodopia Park) hits on another tourist and Melissa hits on Carson.





Updated Character Profile



Mojave's image has been recreated and his profile updated.

The other characters (Carson, Nate, Tuatha, and Melissa) already have modern-style profiles.





New Cover



I recreated the cover, keeping the same basic look.


Original (2008) vs New (2017)








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