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Trick or Eat 7 (aka the one with the chocolate) stands out from the others in the series.


While Trick 7 features many traditional Halloween elements such as trick-or-treating (which was absent the two previous years),

curses, candy, and costumes, it did depart from the butchery seen its predecessors.

This is easily the "lightest" of the Halloween tales and closest to being mainstream.


Despite it selling only about half as much as the very popular Trick or Eat 6 from the year prior,

Trick 7 has its place in Wundercomic history and lore if for no other reason than the chocolate curse.








Trick or Eat 7 has one of the bloodiest covers (perhaps the bloodiest),

however, the comic, itself, features only a few frames with any blood

and only one death with any gore.



While being the least gory Trick or Eat comic to date (Trick 1.5 aside, of course),

Trick 7 has one of the higher death counts, being second only to Trick 13.




Lilly has a South Street Bunnies poster on her wall.



Each of Cannon's friends were given a unique chocolate look.

Above are old images created while I was testing things out.




Updated Page


Clipping issues are very common and I manually fix them, frame by frame, during the 2D-post-work phase.

This comic was created using a dimmer monitor and there are noticeable clipping imperfections on the first page.

Fixed - I simply made the group of trick-or-treaters darker shadows.






New Cover



A new cover was created in 2016 which better captures the tone of the comic.








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