June, 2016
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(contains minor spoilers)


This probably is obvious enough:  Little Crop of Twerps is a parody of Little Shop of Horrors, specifically the 1986 movie.

Several songs are also parodies of the originals ... see details below.



Levi was named after he late, great Levi Stubbs, singer in the Four Tops, who voiced Audrey II in the 1986 film.



Levi, being the geek that he is, named his pet plant, Obi Two, after Obi Wan (One).



A few months prior to Little Crop, I was working on a comic which, ultimately was scrapped.

Some elements of this lost comic made it into Little Crop:

-the bum, who sells the Obi plant instead of the furry pet monster.

-Bradley, who was the star of the lost comic, is seen in the opening song and, later, in Sinister Swarm.



I upgraded my software in early 2012.  Little Crop was the first comic to utilize the new programs and the quality shows.

Some pages were created prior to this upgrade and I left those in the final product.  Specifically pages 10-14 and 18-24 which were the first scenes I created.

I did re-render the final frame of page 24 as seen above.

On a semi-related note:  it would only be a few months later when I bought a new computer and then increased the resolution of the pages.



The rich brat who is seen on Crop's cover also delivers the very first line in the comic.

After the "Uptown" song, we don't see him again until he "meets" B.H.U.D. in a different story.



The number 888 is bad luck and often shows itself in WunderComics.





(contains spoilers)



The first song in Little Crop is "Uptown" which is a parody of "Downtown" from Little Shop.


The duet between Levi and Obi Two is parody of "Feed Me" from Little Shop.


"I've Got a lot to Inherit" sung by the spoiled brat is a parody of "The Meek Shall Inherit".


The paperboy song is a parody of the "Dentist" song.


The song with Levi's two soccer buddies meeting Obi Two is a parody of "Suppertime".


The "Mean Teen Muncher" song is parody of "Mean Green Mother".




New Cover


Cover updated June, 2016.  Click to view full-size.



Old vs New



-replaced the bully with the paperboy (the bully's hair didn't look good upside down)

-touched-up the drool






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