January, 2016


WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.


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(contains spoilers)

I wanted to create a comic that felt like something from an RPG such as Dungeon and Dragons mixed with a dungeon crawler like Diablo.

And, just like in RPGs, we needed a balanced party of adventures, though instead of a warrior, wizard, rogue, and healer, we get our soccer player, nerd, karate kid, and boy scout.

Thus born was the Dungeon Newbies comic.


Thomas the Boy Scout becomes the group's leader.

I made his hair similar to Datton's to give him a paladinish vibe.

His death scene was the most complicated to create in this comic because of the multiple angles I worked with:

seen from the monsters' eyes, from Thomas' point of view, and from the sides.



Skyler the Karate Kid was the stealth character who did get a chance to put his sneaking skills to the test, only to get caught by a pair of wolf monsters.

He is the first killed in the group which goes to show that trying to be a hero often does pay out.



Remy the Soccer Star was the only newbie to not end up as chow for hungry monsters.

However, he does fall victim to a deadly trap that made quite a mess out of him.



Kiril the Chess Nerd, through a combination of his quick thinking, help from the other newbies, and just plain luck, managed to survive longer than the other three.

However, his fate was far worse than any of the others.





(contains spoilers)



Kaden (aka Wunderboy) is seen playing Kiril chess on page two.

Also, the position on the board is a legitimate checkmate.



The cover for the 2nd issue was influenced from the cover of King's Quest 3 by Sierra.



On page 28 Skyler says "you guys are as stealthy as goons" to his fellow newbies.

This is a reference to a Sierra RPG titled Hero's Quest (later named Quest for Glory) -- non-thief characters get a text saying they're as stealthy as a goon if they attempt to sneak.



The room in which Thomas is ravaged by the gremlins is later seen in the sequel:

Conquests of the Dungeon Masters on pages 25 and 26 and filled with the same nasty creatures.



Though a bit hard to spot, there is an image of a real shark on page 14.

(no, it's not the sample above)



Updated Pages

(contains spoilers and VIOLENCE/GORE)


 Thomas' school ID card displays his date of birth including the year 1996.

At the time of the comic's release, it would correctly make him 13, however, this doesn't hold up well because in the year 2016 his ID would imply he's 20.

This has been fixed!


Warning!  These pages contain extreme violence and show Thomas' fate.


Fixed Page 59

Monster's finger covers the year.


Fixed Page 62

Blood splatter covers the year.





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