January, 2017



The Goon, the Brat, and the Unruly




WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.



Below you will find:


New cover

New and pdated Wunderpedia entries

New and updated pages









The title comes from the film The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.



Keeping with that theme, the next Voonder comic:  A Fistful of Collars comes from the film A Fistful of Dollars.



Eli is named after Eli Wallach who portrays Tuco (the Ugly) in the film GBU.



The Goon's name is never revealed in the comic and remains unknown.



Naxos was introduced in GBU with the idea of him getting much larger role in a future tale.

In both GBU and V is for Voonder, Voonder attempts to buy the Kytton off of Boss Coyote.



Though difficult to see, Eli is on the original cover.



The cage that once held Kyeat can be seen on page 20.



A rendering error resulted in small test renders of Eli showing up in the windows of the inn.

FIXED!  Download the comic to get the fixed pages.



Six years later and using new software on a new computer, GBU Voonder would not render correctly.

The "Fistful of Collars" version of Voonder was used for the new pages which is why his hair is darker.

For the same reason, the 2016 version of Holden was used.  Eli needed a make-over to work.






New Cover




The cover was remade for this commentary.  The original (2010) and the new (2017) versions are above for comparison.





New and Updated Pedia Entries



I've created and updated many entries in the caster / pedia.





NEW CHARACTERS:  Bran, RJ, Dane, Coy

UPDATED CHARACTERS:  Voonder, Holden, Eli, Goon, Tupi, Zsider

NEW ENTRIES:  Voonder Stock

UPDATED ENTRIES:  Moon King's Tomb, Cavallo




Updated and New Pages



There are many updated pages.  So many, that I will only list them and not show samples of them all.

You can find a full list of the changes and additions here.  Spoiler warning.



The Goon, the Brat, the Unruly

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