WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.



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(contains spoilers)

Though never overtly political, Wundercomics often draw parallels to modern and historical events.

Generally, and intentionally, this isn't made too obvious.  Other times, the allegories are more apparent.

The Insatiable Appetitive of the Glob may be one of those cases.


April, 2010 saw a disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which influenced the creature and the themes of comic.

More specifics can be found below in the trivia.


Of course, the nasty oil spill wasn't the only influence.  Certainly, the Blob is the grandfather of the Glob.

Admittedly, I've only ever seen the 1980's version of the movie, which, along with the 2nd short in Creepshow 2, guided my own gelatinous mass.


So what happens in the comic?  It's pretty simple.  Polywerp Bioproducts is working on an experimental concoction known as the GELL-O project.

Due to negligence, their slimy creature ends up in one of the employee's homes and, from there, strikes out, devouring everything in its path.

The company's CEO is more concerned with the coming lawsuits than the public's safety, leaving only the local youth take up chemical arms against the monster.





(contains spoilers)



"There's something in the water, coach."

Imagery throughout the comic parallels the real-life mess.



The GLOB was created by Polywerp Bioproducts which has an acronym of PB, the inverse of BP.

Though not intentional, the BP logo's colors match that of the GLOB.



One of the victims from Dinodopia Park 3 can be seen on the monitor on the 1st page.



Star Wars quotes sometimes sneak there way into Wundercomics.




New Cover



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As I had already remade the 1st cover a few years back, I decided to remake the 2nd cover for this commentary.  Below, you can compare it to the original.




Updated Page



Though one might think that Avi simply misspoke, realistically, I just miswrote "Biochemistry" where I meant "Bioproducts". 

Below is a fixed page 40 with the correct company name.


Fixed Page 40

Polywerp Bioproducts




Updated Character Images and Profiles


I've remade character images for each of the three main characters:  Shey, Avi, and Holland.

Additionally, I've updated their profile pages which you can access by clicking their respective image.




Sample Pages

From issue 1

From issue 1


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From issue 2