July, 2016




Beware of the Marsh Monster





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Marsh of Mucklin Wunderpedia entry

Updated Gabrial Wunderpedia entry



(contains minor spoilers)


The swamp hag is never identified in the comic.

Her name is Muckbones and she is part of Baba Yaga's Coven.



Gabrial and friends entered the Marsh of Mucklin to find a rare frog that made a 'whirp' sound.

One does show up, but not until it's too late for them to care about anything but survival.



I often uses color schemes to help establish a certain feeling or mood.


The Marsh Monster comic uses "musty" colors:  greens, yellows, and browns

to help the reader feel as if he or she is in a swamp along with the characters.


There are essentially no reds in the comic other than blood.

There is no blue except for Gabrial and his friend's eyes.



In an early draft, the trio would have been lost in a forest, instead of a swamp,

and would have been attacked by a sasquatch monster.



This is one of the few single-issues comics.

Typically, only Halloween comics have been single-issue due to their seasonality.


There were several versions of the monster created before the final one seen in the comic.

Unfortunately, I've lost all images of the unused versions.




New Wunderpedia Entries

(contains minor spoilers)


An entry for the Marsh of Mucklin has been added.


Gabrial's profile and image have been updated.





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