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Updated Character Profile

New Cover


(contains spoilers)





The Prince's Pride and its sister comic, Apocalypse Chow, were created in preparation for Datton's 5th story:  No Rest for the Righteous.


These two stories would reintroduce the city of Polywerp and two of Datton's friends:  JayKey and Tuatha and bridge to the return of the young, brave paladin.

While neither is absolutely necessary to understand No Rest they serve as side stories, adding flavor to a larger tale.








The title comes from the film/novel The Princess Bride.



Similarly, both stories feature a "Man in Black".



Flerp first appears in this story.  Like Mojave, I created Flerp when I was a young teen.

The two are opposites, fire vs ice, and eventually meet in No Rest for the Righteous.





New Cover



I recreated the cover, keeping the same basic look.


Original (2008) vs New (2017)








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