November, 2016



Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds




WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.



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Updated pages

Updates character images







While Voonder was in two earlier comics (Goblin Raiders of the Lost Lad and a small cameo in Trick or Eat 1.5)

Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds is his first real story with a plot and character development.


While the bad guys often win in Wundercomics, SGPB was the first, and one of the few, with an evil protagonist.

Our anti-hero Voonder is betrayed by the warlord of his clan and it taken prisoner to be executed for his crimes.


We are first introduced to Holden in this comic, who, much like Datton in his first story,

I didn't decide until toward the end whether or not he'd survive.

Holden is easily the second most important character in the Voonder tales and has been in each since his initial appearance.

The two have a very unique chemistry -- Holden being terrified of his captor while still needing him to survive

and Voonder allowing his unwilling guest more privileges than any other captive.


SGPB took steps forward in the style and quality of the comics, being the first in a "wide" page format.

Additionally, I dropped the descriptive text boxes and relied more in visuals to tell the tale.








The title comes from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (which I've never seen).



Voonder claims four victims in this comic, two of whom are blond.

Holden, who is kept alive, is the third blond Voonder comes encounters.



The blond scout is often mistaken to be Holden's sister (who is later referenced but never seen).

This is likely due to the scout's effeminate look and the fact that Voonder degrades him by calling him a "little girl."



Voonder's grammatical errors should be forgiven considering his primary language is Goblin (which sounds a lot like German).



Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds was the first "wide" comic (aka Phase 2).

Due to my inexperience with the new format a few of the earlier pages have frames out of sequence.

FIXED!  See below for the updated pages.



Early Wundercomics were plagued with OWEs.

FIXED!  See updated pages below.



Voonder says "Dieses Leben ist toll!" early on and a second time at the end.

It means "I love my life."



Though the entire comic was released at once, it was split into three zip files.

It seems silly by today's standards, but the idea was to keep the downloads smaller and quicker.

As of Nov, 2016, the download is a single file.



The cover was remade in 2013.  The original and 2013 version are above for comparison.







Updated Pages



I've corrected the sequences that were out of order.

Pages 3 and 5.



An infamous OWE changed to OW.

Page 21.



Cross-Eyed Holden has always driven me nuts.  Fixed!

Pages 40, 41, and 42.




You can get ALL 6 updated pages by downloading the comic.





Updated Character Images and Profiles


I've remade character images for Voonder and Holden.






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