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Updated Cover

Updated Character Profiles






Poor Treacherous Toys has the unfortunate title of "worst-selling Wundercomic", selling only about half of the norm.


I've often wondered why there has been little interest in Treacherous Toys when it's a decent enough comic.

There are two types of people who buy comics.  First, there are those who buy all or most comics based largely on reputation; they enjoyed previous comics and will pick up more.

The second type are those have either have not yet bought or rarely buy comics and this is where "marketing" comes in to play: the cover, the characters, the sample pages.

With that understanding, I believe Treacherous Toys was poorly marketed to the undecided.  The original cover wasn't that great and the title...well, the title is a bit confusing.


Treacherous Toys is not my best work but it certainly isn't my worst either.  For its time, the visuals, gore included, were some of my better attempts.

It's a fun Christmas story with at least one survivor.  If you don't yet have a copy, consider giving this one another look!









Why is the comic titled "Treacherous Toys?"

The original plan was toys coming to life to murder the characters.  When I realized how complex and expensive

that idea would be, I went, instead, with a basic creature feature.  In hindsight, I wish I had changed the title early into its production.

I suppose it can be spun:  Killian and friends were expecting boxes on toys...but they were betrayed by Miss Weever.



To date, there are 18 distinctly Halloween comics yet only 4 for Christmas (5 is you stretch and count El Tiburon).

There are zero Phase 3 (2012 and newer) Christmas comics.  Why is this?

First, Halloween is a better setting for horror comics... but the larger reason has to do with timing.

A Phase 3 style comic takes a good 6 weeks to create which means, in order to make a Christmas comic in time,

I'd need to start the moment I finish Halloween projects.  Time pressure is very stressful, and I can deal with it once per year

for Halloween but I don't believe I'd like to endure it twice in a row.



Sometimes the good guys win!

Payton proved he can kick monster butts.



To date, these are the four poorest selling Wundercomics.

As mentioned in the intro, Treacherous Toys is in last place.  Payton's follow-up, Monster Balls, sold about twice as much.



There are two Aliens references.  The first is Killian misquoting Ripley's "Get away from her, you bitch!"  Second, Miss Weever is named in tribute to Sigourney Weaver.



"Regnad Toys" -- it's Danger spelled backwards.



A box from Regnad Toys can be found in Vico's Dump Shop in the 3rd chapter of Market of Zardur.



Not liking the original cover, I made a new one in 2013.





Updated Cover



This is more of an 'update' than a 'remake' of the cover.  I've touched-up the 2013 version.

The differences may not be easily noticeable, but I did clean things up a bit, including the mist and the clothing.





Updated Character Profiles



Updated profiles for Payton, Killian, and Weever.






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