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A Neophyte is a newbie, often in a religious order.

The comic's title is a reference to Claire as she is proving herself as a witch.

However, Bella does the same thing and both prove to be worthy witches.



The abandoned house where Andy, Bella, Claire, and Devon play Spin the Bottle is the home of Cold Elen.

We see inside the house again in Trick or Eat 11.  Foster even steps on the bottle that was left behind.



After Baba Yaga, Claire and Bella are seen in the most Trick or Eat comics.

Five comics to date:  Tricks 5, 9, 13, 15, and 16.



Modern standard-length comics take 6-8 weeks to create.

Early Phase 2 comics (those created around the time of Trick 5) took about 2-3 weeks.

Trick 5 was created in less than a week, the creation starting just days before Halloween.

This is the only time I remember rushing a comic -- I even pulled an all-nighter to help get

it done in time.  Despite that, I think the quality is good for the time it was made.





 New-ish Cover



I've remade the cover in 2017 along with a few other older Trick covers.



The original (2007) and newer (2017) covers.





Wunderpedia Updates



Updated characters:  Devon, Andy, Claire, Bella





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