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More than any other series of Wundercomics, the Trick or Eat stories are like timestamps.

With one created each October since 2003, they show the progress in visual quality and story-telling over the years.

Each bring me nostalgia upon rereading.



Nowadays, I absolutely love Halloween and making a new Trick or Eat comic is a tradition I couldn't imagine not doing.

However, in the earlier years, especially around Tricks 5 and 6, I created

the Trick or Eat comics more out of a sense of obligation, knowing people enjoyed them.

At that time I considered ending the series, but I'm glad I didn't.

It was Trick or Eat 7 when things finally 'clicked' for me and I really started to enjoy Halloween and making this series.

This is why Trick or Eat 7 has more traditional Halloween activities such as costumes and trick or treating.



Blackmoon can be found twice in this comic.

1st - on the roof, black shadow against the skyline.  I thought he was nearly impossibly to see, especially with a dimmer computer from 2008.

2nd - at the very end sitting in Baba Yaga's home.  I added him a second time thinking the first instance couldn't be seen.



Trick 6 is the best-selling Wundercomic from Phase 2 and has maintained that position for years.

The image above ranks the number-of-copies-sold from Phase 2.



Older comics weren't nearly as well planned out as modern ones.  Often, I'd create a cover first

to draw inspiration with only a shadow of an idea in mind.  When making Trick 6's cover, I intended for Colter to

be the menacing witch behind the scenes.  That idea was dropped but there's still some evidence of the abandoned idea.



On the cover you can see a witch's arms grabbing Roman.  The sleeves match Colter.

This has been changed for the new cover created for this commentary.



The subtitle "Persona non Grata" was also a reference to Colter, something she was called in Trick 4,

though it fits fine for Ms McMully, as well.





 New Cover



I've remade the cover in 2017 along with a few other older Trick covers.



The original (2008) and newer (2019) covers.

The new cover replaces the ghostly arms with the correct witch and adds some other details.





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