December, 2016



It's a Voonderbar Life




WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.



Below you will find:



New cover

Updated pages







It's a Voonderbar Life is the perfect companion tale to Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds, the two comics

having been created only about six months apart and have the same basic visual style and feel.


The story picks up a few months after Voonder slays Zarmn and declares himself the new warlord of the Wilder Clan.

Voonder is learning that being the boss isn't all it's cracked up to be as he's forced to deal with politics and diplomacy.

Being the savage goblin that he is, Voonder can't help but quickly ruin relations with the kyttons.

He is unruly and wild, and within moments, he's brought the goblins and kyttons on the brink of war.









The title comes from the film It's a Wonderful Life.

Much like Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds, both comics have

names deriving from movies of the same era.



There are very few Christmas Wundercomics, the most recent being from 2010

(or 2011 if you consider El Tiburon a "Christmas" comic).

While Halloween comics tend to be very popular, Christmas tales don't get nearly as much love.



Early Wundercomics were plagued with OWEs.  Voonderbar Life has two of them.

FIXED!  See updated pages below.



Singa was intentionally kept alive to be used in a future story.

He would late be seen in Fistful of Collars with an updated look.



I have long since lost the root / save files for three comics created about the same time:

Most Dispensable Game, Attack of the Ravenous Arthropods, and It's a Voonderbar Life.

In all three cases, doing future editing is very difficult beyond simple text changes.





New Cover



The cover was remade in 2016 for this commentary.  The original (2007) and the new (2016) versions are above for comparison.





Updated Pages




When Voonder calls for Hanz, it is Rawrs (then unnamed) who shows up, instead.

Page 24.  Fixed!




Both of the infamous "OWES" have been fixed.

Page 13 and 27.



More Cross-Eyed Holden frames.  Fixed!

Pages 11 and 13.



Typo:  "give" fixed to "gift" on page 13.




It's a Voonderbar Life

You can get ALL 4 updated pages by downloading the comic.






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