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Alternate Covers

New Character Profiles

Bonus Mini Comic







The idea to create a story with Voonder as a young Gob Scout had been on my mind for some time

as had the thought to do a large project with Whoindeed.  I proposed the idea to him and Whoindeed took it on.


To date, Drama of a Wild Kid is the only canon Wundercomic illustrated by someone other than Wunderkind.







The title and cover are a parody of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

The comic, itself, contains no parody of, or references to, Wimpy Kid books or movies.



The comic took about 3 months to create with back and forth discussion between Whoindeed and Wunderkind.



Whoindeed's work can be seen in various Wundercomics including:

-the menu in Market of Zardur

-the "wanted" sketch of Voonder is V is for Voonder

-the drawings on the Creepymon cards

-the Eerie Beach cartoon face



There were several additional images created with Dylan and his friends in 2011.

These, along with some new images, have been used to create a mini comic (see below).



Rikkots was created by Whoindeed to be one of Voonder's fellow gob scouts.

He later is seen in A Fistful of Collars as an adult.



Rikkots remembers his time as a Gob Scout with Voonder and Rawrs.







Sketch draft cover (with a slightly different title).



One of two candidate covers.  Unused.



One of two candidate covers.  Used in final product.





New Character Profiles


Click on either image to see profile page.

New character images created by Whoindeed in July, 2017.





Mini Comic


Lil Voonder hunts down Dylan's soccer mates in this mini comic (8 pages).

Created using various images from 2011 plus a few new ones.







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