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New Character Profiles

Updated Wunderpedia Entries


(contains minor spoilers)





Parker is being sold on every cover and in every case at least one finger is pointing at him.


Are you a boy or a girl?

Slanks' sex is never stated.  No pronoun is ever used (he/she) in either the comic or Slanks' profile page.



"He Works Hard for No Money" is a parody of "She Works Hard for the Money" by Donna Summer.



Mutated Cadets Yro'vi and Santiago can be seen in Cafe Bru'tal.



Parker, particularly his hair, looks different on pages 41 and 42.

This is because I was using a different rendering engine needed to render the city in the background.

As it turns out, that same rendering engine I began using regularly starting in 2012 (see the Little Crop commentary for more on that).

FIXED!  See below for the updated pages.



Zardur is one of the more popular Wundercomics.  As of Aug, 2016 it is the 9th best seller.



1st cover made

was scrapped


2nd cover made

also scrapped

3rd cover made

used for the comic

2016 remake


Many covers.

There are two old covers which were scrapped.

The cover I used was the 3rd one created, featuring Parker in the Market with a stock screen.

The original cover was later re-created in 2016.




Updated Pages


Pages 41 and 42 have been updated!  Parker's hair now looks much better.








New Character Profiles



New profile images for both Parker and Slanks.  Both of their entries have minor updates.




Updated Wunderpedia Entries




Market of Zardur

Cafe Bru'tal

Zardurs (race)



 In addition to Parker and Slanks, some other entries have been updated.





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