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The Slums of Polywerp


The Slums of Polywerp is a dangerous place and Swen is about to learn what Voonder's favorite food is.




Few notes:
-Feedback on the video will be VERY appreciated for multiple reasons -- does it load okay? Do you like it enough for me to make more?

It was a lot of work to make but if people like the video I'm more inclined to make more in the future.
-The comic uses frames from the video but I've added a narrative, dialogue, effects, etc.
-The comic's pages are named in a way that if you'd like to drop them into your "V is for Voonder" folder they would land

between Chapters 2 and 3, where this comic fits chronologically and further adds to the "V is for Voonder" story.





Pages:  21

Video:  2:20 (31 MB)

Rating:  Savage

Price:  $5.00

Date:  Aug, 2021







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