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Datton's Evolution

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Because this comic is so long, the commentary will be split in two parts:

First, Chapters 1-3, then Chapters 4-6 later.






"No Rest for the Righteous" was the longest Wundercomic for many years, totaling 405 pages.

Recently, it was surpassed by "V is for Voonder".

It took nearly 4 years to create, from 2008 to 2012.



The outline for "No Rest" was created back before I made "Lad of the Dead".

Some things changed, but the basic ideas for those 3 Datton comics (LotD, Desert Dreams, and No Rest) were planned out at once.



The very early working title was "Orc Standards" which would later be used for a chapter title.

For a longer period, the working title was "The Throne of the Righteous" which went with

an earlier idea of Cupay Manca seeking this throne to gain power.

The Throne of the Righteous was changed to the Sun Door and the title became "No Rest for the Righteous."



Two shorter comics were created to introduce some ideas and characters for "No Rest...".

Though Datton, himself, isn't in either of these, his friends JayKey and Tuatha are.



As mentioned in some other commentaries, PC games from my childhood, in particular the Sierra Adventure games, have had an influence on my comics.



Lord Alderich clearly represents bigotry.

He justifies his actions with his belief that the ends justify the means.

However, he is sometimes right for the wrong reasons.

Very early on, page 7, Alderich warns us that the "angel" helping Datton is evil.



Just like with Flerp, Captain Virgilio was a character I created in my youth, long before I started making comics.



In the 3rd chapter, the dragon says "Time for monkey and lizard kabobs!"

The lizard is obviously Taylor.  By monkeys, he refers to all of the humans (which he sees as just monkeys),

though I've sometimes worried some readers may think he was talking about one character, in particular.

It's probably no big deal, but just for the sake of certainty, I've changed the text to "brat kabobs".



As seen in "V is for Voonder", Brandon would later have dreams (and nightmares) of the mine where the orcs were forced to work.



The 3rd chapter I think was one of the best received by readers at the time.

It's my favorite of the chapters in No Rest and it makes for a great end to the first half of the comic --

the good guys get a big win and Datton proves himself to be hero.





Datton's Evolution



"Lad the Impaler" and "Mouth of the Beholder"


Datton's earliest look:

-ankh necklace sloppily painted on the shirt texture

-pixelated clothing

-clunky hair



"Lad of the Dead" and "Desert Dreams"


Datton's look improved for his 3rd and 4th comics.

-ankh necklace is a separate item (not drawn onto shirt)

-hair thickened

-same bad clothing textures



"No Rest for the Righteous"


The old hair just wasn't working and need to be updated.

-new hair

-new shorts

-new boots

-black shirt improved

-gray shirt still pixelated



"V is for Voonder"


Datton's modern look.

-all clothes (except boots) new

-hair shortened

-improved look of skin, teeth, etc





Updated Pages



Page 6 has a visual error -- gray blob along the bottom.

Fixed -- updated version included in Chapter 1 download.



Page 125 has been revised as mentioned above.

It is included in the Chapter 3 download (see link below).





New Cover



I've re-rendered the main cover using the original save file but with modern Phase 3 quality.

I also added the "Apprentice Paladin" text for consistency with the other Datton comic covers.

Taylor was removed from this new version primarily to keep the color scheme to blues and grays.



The original (2008) and newer (2020) covers.

The new cover replaces the ghostly arms with the correct witch and adds some other details.


I've also remade the chapter covers for chapters 1-3:




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