Payment Info

Q:  What payment options are accepted?

A:   Anything accepted by Patreon or Gumroad.

A2:  As of August, 2018, I have a Patreon page which you can join to access my comics.

A3:  As of April, 2020,  my comics are also sold through Gumroad.
A4:  As of May, 2021, Gumroad no longer accepts PayPal payments

Q:  In what currency are the prices set?
Prices are set in US Dollars, however, if you live outside the US, it will auto-convert the currency
for you.

Q:  How long does it take to get a comic once you paid?
A:  Usually very quickly, unless I'm asleep or away, in which case it may take a few hours.
If it's a 'new comic release night' you should get your order within minutes.

Q:  I bought a comic, and it's been more than 24 hours and I still didn't get my order.  Where is it?
A:  If you've waited more than 24 hours without getting your comic, likely there has been some sort
of error.  Sometimes, my emails are sent to the 'bulk/spam' folder.  Check your 'bulk/spam' folder.
If it's not in there, then please email me so we can get this issue resolved.

Q:  How do I extract the files (pages)?
A:  You will need to use winzip, winrar, or a similar product.

Q:  What format are the comic in?
A:  By default, comics are sent to you in jpeg format (zipped up).  Upon request, I can send you a pdf version.

Q:  I don't like gory comics!  Can I get an edited, no-gore version of a normally-gory comic?
A:  Yes.  Some comics already have no-gore versions.  For all others, you could request a no-gore version.

Q:  I have a question that's not answered here!  Who do I ask?
A:  E-mail me (wunderkind12@hotmail.com) or leave your question on the forum.


Rating System

Mild  --  Mild comics have no gore or death.  There may be some violence, but it's very minimal and
without blood, usually consisting of punches and kicks.

Medium -- Medium comics would likely be considered PG or PG-13.

There will be deaths but they will not be bloody or gory.

Varies -- If a comic lists its rating as "varies" it means that there is both a Medium

and Savage  version available.  While you could always request a no-gore version of any comic,

those listed as 'varies' specifically have a custom version with blood and gore edited out.

Savage -- Savage comics will contain violence, blood, gore, and often, a lot of it.
You can expect to see cruel, brutal death scenes in Savage comics.