RULES for this Forum / Website

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RULES for this Forum / Website

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My website (and by extension, this forum) and all of its content are FICTIONAL, SATIRICAL, and ASEXUAL.
In no way do I support, condone, or promote any real-life violence.

Anyone who wishes to join this forum must adhere to these rules:

No photos
Please don't post photos on this forum. Drawn, painted, computer-generated images, etc are all perfectly acceptable and welcome so long as they don't violate any other forum rule.

Links to videos on YouTube and similar sites are permitted so long as they don't violate any rule listed below.

No nudity/sexual images
Images, stories, videos, etc, or links to such content are never allowed under any circumstance if they contain nudity and/or sexually-explicit content. Posting such items is grounds for being banned.

Blood and gore
Images, videos, and anything visual containing blood and gore are perfectly acceptable provided they go into the "Savage Camp" and only there. The "Savage Camp" is password protected to prevent anyone from accidentally viewing something they didn't wish to view. The password is " voonder ".