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(In)Frequently Asked Questions

::?:: Is Wundercomics a paysite?
::->:: Short answer: no.
Though many comics are for sell, there are also quite a few free ones, including all of the Voonder comics and the epic 300+ page "No Rest for the Righteous". Additionally, unlike a true paysite, Wundercomics doesn't charge for membership (nor will it ever) to access other sections of the site such as the Wunderpedia and the forum. Consider the pay comics premium items on an otherwise-free website.

::?:: Is Wundercomics ___________ (fill in the blank)?
::->:: The Wundercomics website and all of its comics, characters, concepts, and other content are fictional and asexual.

::?:: I bought a comic but did not receive it.
::->:: Generally, you'll receive an e-mail with a link to your comic(s) within a very short time. If you have waited 24 hours, please e-mail me (wunderkind12(at)yahoo.com). Please check your spam/bulk folder as my email to you could have ended up in there, especially if it's the first time you bought a comic.

::?:: Who is that tuxedo cat I often see hidden in comics?
::->:: That is Blackmoon. He is hidden in every comic from August, 2006 on (except Dino Park 2) and a few older ones. It is a game to spot the mysterious tuxedo cat and often there are little bonuses for doing so.

::?:: I saw a Wundercomic's character used as an avatar on another site -- I noticed someone with a Wundercomic's character name in an RP room -- I read a story based upon Wundercomic's characters at another site -- is this Wunderkind?
::->:: Unlikely, but possible. If you are ever unsure, you could always PM me here and ask.

The newest Wundercomic:
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