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why was my user account deleted?

Posted: March 6th, 2021, 12:21 am
by Wunderkind
I figure this may come up --

Why was my user accounted deleted?
It was NOT deleted -- the forum moved and all accounts created before March 6, 2021 are on the old forum.
Everyone, including me, needs to create a new account.

Why did you change to a new forum?
Two reasons:
1st, the old forum was hosted on a server different than the server hosting my actual website (my website used be on this old server, too). About a year ago, I updated to a better, more stable sever and moved my website over. This means, I temporarily had TWO servers -- my contract with the old server expires in May, 2021, so I needed to transition the forum to the new server before that date. I tried to copy the forum over directly, but just could not get it to work -- I think this is largely due to the old forum using very old software.
2nd, the old forum was using PHP software that was WAYYYY out of date -- from 2008! Because its software was so old, I could not simply update it.