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Guest Works


Here you will find work created by various artists.
All this content relates to Wundercomics stories and characters.
If you'd like to to submit anything please email me!  (


Datton/Anthony by Odin

Datton/Taylor/Voonder by Who


Voonder/Datton by Polix

Voonder/Datton by PlonkIt


Datton by Cowboy



Datton vs Veks by Simple



Datton by Polix


Datton by BC


Voonder by Crunchbone


Voonder by KG13


Voonder by BC



Voonderbar Life by Who


Kyeat by Darkslade

Kyeat by Who


Artix and Twi by Simple


Space Cadets by Who

Group by Who


Choco Bunnies by Who



Snackers by Who


Trick 12 by BC


JayKey by Who


Voonder by Polix


Datton by Polix


Taylor by Who


Voonder v Lynki by Spiffmouse



Space Cadet by Kiowah


Datton by Anonymous



Holden by Who






WARNING!  These images contain graphic violence.
















Voonder by Who

Voonder by Crunchbone

Voonder's Christmas '06 by Who

Voonder by Polix


Voonder gets Datton by Spiffmouse

V is for Voonder by Odin

Voonder vs Datton by TF



Voonder vs Holden by TF



Cadet Pets by Who


Space Cadets by Who


Killer Bot by Who


Lil Voonder by Who