Episode III:  Mutate or Be Munched

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Warning!!  This comic contains graphic depiction of blood and gore!

All seems calm and peaceful throughout the galaxy.  Since the kidnap-and-rescue
of Gold Cadet Richmond, sixteen months ago, Captain Denver has been awarded
the Badge of Valor and been given an improved ship and fresh crew of young cadets
to train deep in space.  Even now, Denver, in his new ship, The SS Churchill, travels
to the red desert planet of Jaspion to select from the many cadets-in-training for
promotions to join the ranks of the Space Cadets.

Meanwhile, on the Cadet School on Jaspion, the headmaster detects  an incoming
ship on his radar.  However, it is not The SS Churchill....




added March, 2018




PAGES:  98

Rating:  Savage

Price:  $9.99

Date:  2007-2008





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