Episode I:  The Glugwig Mishap

Warning!!  This comic contains graphic depiction of blood and gore!

The SS Napoleon is on an exploration mission.  They have
been assigned to scout out and collect samples from a newly-
discovered planet called Glugwig IV.

Troy is excited to be among the first humans to set foot

on this planet; but little do the cadets know, the planet is crawling with
carnivorous creatures that only see them as a food source....



added January, 2018




PAGES:  55

Rating:  Savage

Price:  $3.99

Date:  2005 (w/ 2018 scene)


2018 cover


Cover for issue 2

Page 17
From issue 1

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From issue 1

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From issue 2

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From issue 2


New 5-page mini comic!

This scene, created in 2018, takes place at the end of Space Cadets.

It is a free download, and is also included with the main comic.







This comic is also available in a pack



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