Payment Info, FAQ, and Rating System


-You buy a comic with a credit card or paypal
-Leave your email in the 'comments' section for me (you only need to do this if you want the
comic sent to an email different than the one you paid with)
-I will email you ASAP (few hours max) with the link and your password to access the comic
-Go to the link to download the comic and use the password to extract the pages


Q:  What payment options are accepted?
A:  PayPal or major credit cards.  Sometimes I have a PO Box address available for those who
prefer to send check or cash.  Please contact me for PO box info if you prefer that method.

Q:  In what currency are the prices set?
Prices are set in US Dollars, however, if you live outside the US, it will auto-convert the currency
for you.

Q:  Do you need PayPal to pay for a comic?
A:  No.  You can pay with a credit card, regardless if you have a PayPal account or not.

Q:  How long does it take to get a comic once you paid?
A:  Usually a few hours, unless I'm asleep or away, in which case it may take a bit longer.
If it's a 'new comic release night' you should get your order within minutes.

Q:  I bought a comic, and it's been more than 24 hours and I still didn't get my order.  Where is it?
A:  If you've waited more than 24 hours without getting your comic, likely there has been some sort
of error.  Sometimes, my emails are sent to the 'bulk/spam' folder.  Check your 'bulk/spam' folder.
If it's not in there, then please email me and I'll resend the email from two different sources to ensure
you get your order.

Q:  I bought the same comic twice on accident.  What happens?
A:  I'll give you credit for another comic of the same price.  I could issue a refund, however PayPal
will take a percentage from both ends so that is probably not the best choice.

Q:  I bought the wrong comic on accident.  What happens?
A:  Simply email me and let me know right away.  Let me know which comic you meant to buy and
I'll send that one instead.  If you wait too long, you'll likely get the originally-paid-for comic and then
it's too late to change your mind, unless you paid for the same one twice (see above).

Q:  How do I actually get the comic, once paid for?
A:  You will be sent an email with a location to download the comic and a password to extract the
files (pages).

Q:  How do I extract the files (pages)?
A:  You will need to use winzip, winrar, or a similar product.  Most versions of Windows have a free
version with it.  If not, simply google 'winzip' -- it's easy enough to find.

Q:  What format are the comic in?
A:  By default, comics are sent to you in jpeg format (zipped up).

Q:  Can I get the comic in pdf format?
A:  Yes.  When buying you'll notice an entry box with "Note to Wunderkind".  Tell me there you
prefer the comic in pdf and I will fulfill that request.  This format should work for WebTV veiwers.

Q:  I don't like gory comic!  Can I get an edited, no-gore version of a normally-gory comic?
A:  Yes.  When buying you'll notice an entry box with "Note to Wunderkind".  Tell me there you
prefer the edited version and I will fulfill that request.  Note that some comics, such as "Trick or
Eat 4" and "Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds" already have an alternate version with no gore.

Q:  I have a question that's not answered here!  Who do I ask?
A:  E-mail me ( or leave your question here at the forum:


Mild  --  Mild comics have no gore.  There may be some violence, but it's very minimal and
without blood, usually consisting of punches and kicks.  On a rare occasion, a villain is killed
'off-screen' (ie you don't see blood and gore).  Young characters are NEVER killed.

Medium -- Medium comics would likely be considered "PG" if compared to the US method
or rating movies.  There are three types of violence that can be found in Medium comics:
1.  Punching, kicking, etc, with blood and 'on-screen'.
2.  Non-gory death scenes for younger characters such as being swallowed whole.
3.  Semi-gory death scenes for older characters.
You will NOT see any violent, gory death scenes for younger characters in Medium comics.

Savage -- Savage comics (also listed as "Gory" until recently) will contain limitless violence.
You can expect to see cruel, brutal death scenes for both young and older characters.
Despite this, Savage comics don't always focus on just violence.