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Brett at the Stake

Kyle and Brett Episode 4




Kyle and Brett land in a medieval village and decide to help a new friend.


Added September 10, 2020.




Treasures of the Mummy





Easton and Rohit apply to be interns at a laboratory studying the 5th dimension,
unaware that they will be specimens for a mad scientist.


Treasures of the Mummy





Three young archeologists explore an ancient pyramid.


Crawler in the Basement

Monster Prey 8




Crispin is trapped in a basement with a creepy, crawly creature.




Kyle and Brett - Ridiculous Misadventures



Originally created in 2004-2006.

This comic is only $1.99 this month.  The commentary pages includes trivia, new covers, and more!


Comic of the Month for September, 2020.

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Phase 1 - Pack


A new pack is now available.  This one allows you to purchase all of the Phase 1 comics.  You can choose to have this pack with or without the Trick or Eats.


You can also buy any comics from Phase 1 or 2 using Store Credit.






V is for Voonder






ETA:  Q3, 2020




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