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The Munchers

Issue 2



Hayden attempts to hide from The Munchers.


Added February 17, 2020.





Part 2 of 2




Braden grows in power as he is tempted to perform wicked deeds.


Creeping Crab

Monster Prey 7




A creature hidden in the sand preys upon a group of Junior Lifeguards.


Earthlings Are Tasty





Throughout the galaxy, aliens often say "Earthlings are tasty." An intergalactic fugitive decides to see if it's true.




Scourge of the Sinister Swarm


Originally created in 2012.

This comic of the month includes commentary, trivia, and more!


Comic of the Month for February, 2020.




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Updated February 8, 2020


New Characters:  Jade, Hayden

Updated Characters:  Braden, Shannon, Tiger, Ordingi

Updated Entries:  Mutant Bugs, The Munchers





Three New Comic Packs!


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V is for Voonder

Chapter 10 - The Prince's Party




ETA:  March, 2020




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