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Creepymon GOTYU

Part 3 of 3



A new cell phone game called Creepymon GOTYU has captured the imaginations of youths all over the world.


Added July 7, 2018.



Raining Piranha




A slave must work with an enemy in order to escape captivity.



Raining Piranha




A sunny day at the beach quickly becomes a nightmare as piranha begin to fall from the sky.


Dread Bog




The students of Richwall Research Center become lost in the Dread Bog.





Dinodopia Park 3


Originally created in 2009.

This comic of the month includes commentary, trivia, and more!


Comic of the Month for July, 2018.




Recent Updates



Updated July 10, 2018 - Creepymon additions

Updated July 21, 2018 - Lion's Den, season 2 additions


New Characters:  Reekagor, Terrapole, Saboth, Giggly Gruff, Misteeka, Seven, Myles, Hissmouth, 8 new gladiators

Updated Characters:  Chase, Archer

New Entries:  Titans





Phase 2 comics - major price reduction



All phase 2 comics are now roughly 50% cheaper than before!  Average price is only 10 cents per page.


Updated April 4, 2018






Chef the Butcher



ETA:  Summer, 2018




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