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The Munchers

Issue 1



Isaiah stumbles upon a group of horrific creatures known as The Munchers.


Added September 18, 2019.




Teen Amazing

Part 2 of 2




Shannon confronts Ordingi and his growing army of bots.







A terrifying creature from the deep sea hungers for live meat.


The Feeding Den





A livestream show known as "The Feeding Den" grows in popularity on the dark web.  The anonymous host seeks the next victim to be fed to his creature.




Trick or Eat 6


Originally created in 2008.

This comic of the month includes a new cover, commentary, trivia, and more!


Comic of the Month for October, 2019.




Recent Updates




Updated September 1, 2019


New Characters:  Grayson

Updated Characters:  Shannon, Tiger, Ordingi, Devon, Andy, Claire, Bella

Updated Entries:  BHUDs





Three New Comic Packs!


More options to get comics in bulk at a discount.







V is for Voonder

Chapter 10 - The Prince's Party




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