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We Ride the Universe




Many racers compete in the 312th Annual Grand Courz.


Added December 18, 2021.




The Waiter's Tip




With his boss away on a business trip, Miles must tend to the tavern, and its rowdy patrons, alone.



Trick or Eat 19




Atreya and Kyler, seeking a night of adventure and thrills, investigate what is believed to be a haunted tomb.


Sawed 2 and 3




Anton and Jay each wake up in a trap.  Two short comics.






A Fistful of Collars




Originally created in 2012 - 2014.

The full "Wunder Cut" version is now available completely free.


Comic of the Month for January, 2022.








Phase 2 - Packs

Two new pack are now available.  They allow you to purchase the Phase 2 comics.  You can choose to have this pack with or without the Trick or Eats.



Phase 1 - Pack

This pack allows you to purchase all of the Phase 1 comics.







V is for Voonder






ETA:  Q4, 2021




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