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V is for Voonder

Chapter VII - The Slave's Deal



A slave must work with an enemy in order to escape captivity.


Added May 28, 2018.



Raining Piranha




A sunny day at the beach quickly becomes a nightmare as piranha begin to fall from the sky.



Dread Bog




The students of Richwall Research Center become lost in the Dread Bog


Trick or Eat 15

Recipe of Fate




Shiloh is used as a pawn in a game of rivalry between two wicked witches.






Dinodopia Park 2


Originally created in 2006.

This comic of the month includes commentary, trivia, and more!


Comic of the Month for June, 2018.




Recent Updates




Updated June 6, 2018


New Character:  Artanian

Updated Characters:  Holden, Dodger, Sane, Zsider, Forest Father

Updated Entries:  Savage Forest, Wilder Clan





Phase 2 comics - major price reduction



All phase 2 comics are now roughly 50% cheaper than before!  Average price is only 10 cents per page.


Updated April 4, 2018






Chef the Butcher



ETA:  Summer, 2018




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