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Wilbur the Killer Doll




A doll is possessed by the spirit of a serial killer.


Added April 25, 2022.




Models and Monsters 2




Titan, one of the most popular models in the world, attracts the attention of a monstrous hunter.



Not Without My Tiger




After Tiger goes missing, Shannon searches the cosmos for his lost friend.


The Pitiless Ghoul




Calvin searches for his cat... and the Black Ghoul searches for a warm meal....







Appetite for Insanity




Originally created in 2013.  Only $4.99 this month!


Comic of the Month for May, 2022.







Phase 2 - Packs

Two new pack are now available.  They allow you to purchase the Phase 2 comics.  You can choose to have this pack with or without the Trick or Eats.



Phase 1 - Pack

This pack allows you to purchase all of the Phase 1 comics.







V is for Voonder






ETA:  Q2, 2022




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