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Death Metal



A chainsaw-wielding maniac attacks a soccer team.


Added May 22, 2020.




Bug Boy

Part 1 of 2




Now enhanced with super powers, Alvin the "Bug Boy" battles the boy-eating bugs, rescuing potential victims on a daily basis.  An anonymous contact provides Alvin with information that may lead to the source of the bug menace.



Still Hungry




While practicing social distancing, several friends connect daily through a video conferencing app.
Though these bored boys may be stuck at home, THE GLOB goes wherever it pleases and it is STILL HUNGRY....







Braden grows in power as he is tempted to perform wicked deeds.




Jungle Law



Originally created in 2013-2014.

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Comic of the Month for May, 2020.




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V is for Voonder

Chapter 10 - The Prince's Party





ETA:  Q2, 2020




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