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The Bug Brigade and the Bloody Buffet

Next in the "bugs" series!



Led by General Stinger, the bug army invades another city.


Added July 10, 2019.




Terror of the

Lost Temple




Two young treasure hunters seek an ancient temple deep within the southern jungles.




May's Short Comic




Two brats fight to survive in a deadly trap.


Lurker in the Mud

Monster Prey 4




Something hungry lurks in the mud.






Originally created in 2014.

This comic of the month includes a new ending, commentary, trivia, and more!


Comic of the Month for June and July, 2019.




Recent Updates



Updated July 12, 2019


New Characters:  Ruggs, Ravido, Alvin

Updated Characters:  Henry, Marshall, Leyko, Stinger

New Entries:  Puma Qhapaq, The Chyatlos

Updated Entries:  Mustant Bugs





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V is for Voonder

Chapter 10 - The Prince's Party




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