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New Cover

New Character Profiles

Updated page

New Scene (5 pages)






For the first Space Cadets story I experimented with different base model for an older, teenager look.

This was met with mixed results and I decided to revert to my standard style for the sequels.


Space Cadets is a simple comic, influenced by Alien and Star Trek (to explore strange, new worlds).

Its visuals may be a bit dated, but it's still a fun read that kicked off the Space Cadets series.









(final frame of Space Cadets)

Troy's fate was left uncertain on purpose.

I had planned to have him back for a sequel and sent to revisit the Glugwig plaent.



With the updated look of the cadets in the sequels, the Troy return was scrapped.

The only thing we get is his younger brother, Sparta, in Cadets 3, alluding to Troy's fate.



Shortly after Space Cadet 3 was finished, I planned on making Space Cadet 1.5 which would be a mini comic that

would have given the first Space Cadets a proper ending.  This project never came to fruition.

NEW SCENE!  See below for a new scene which shows what happens to Troy.



The only back-up of the raw files was on a CD from 2005.

Unfortunately, the files were all corrupt, so I had to create the new cover and scene from scratch / original assets.



Original title was Space Cadets (in Space!).

The Star-Wars-like opening crawl and new episodic title were added later to be consistence with the others in the series.



Jorian's hair is embarassingly-bad -- probably the worst in any Wundercomic.

I've modified it for the new cover and pages.





Updated Cover



New cover for 2018.

I kept the same basic look but re-made the scene with updated uniforms and used my modern stylized look.


Space Cadets covers.  Original (2005) vs new (2018).





Updated Character Profiles



New profiles for Troy, Jorian, and Blake.

New entries for Space Cadets and Glugwigs





Updated Page



Page 4 shows several charts in the background.

The amateur Wunder of 2005 should never have used these prefab sets, at least not unaltered.

One of the charts references "modern presidents" which, considering the Cadets are in the future, feels really out of place.


-no president names listed

-also touched-up Jorian's awful hair





New Scene



This 5-page scene (4 pages brand new, 1 page revised from original)

shows Troy's fate!  It is free and is also included with the full comic.



WARNING!  These pages include extreme graphic violence!






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