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WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.


* Three Silly Runts' Fluff *


Three young Vikings, in search of the finest mead in the great north, travel to an old inn and pub deep in the mountains.

However, in order to reach this pub the trio must cross and ancient bridge ... under which lives a troll, of course.


Will these silly runts manage to outsmart the stinky creature and reach their destination or will their adventure prove to be one big fluff?


18 pages.





* The Dunce and the Frog *

A cruel witch cursed a (self-proclaimed) beautiful princess, morphing her into a frog.


When a dunce in all green stumbles upon the frog in her pond, she claims the only way to cure her is with a kiss.


Will the boy in green muster the courage to kiss the amphibian or will he be too scared of getting warts?


11 pages.




PAGES:  29
RATING:  Savage

PRICE:  $ 2.99

DATE:  Feb, 2010






The mead matches your hair.





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