Little Crop of Twerps

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WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.
* Medium (no blood shown) version of the comic available upon request. *



Levi is a nerd who lives and works at Mr. Mushpot's Plant shop while his parents are away on another extended vacation without him.


One day Levi buys a strange and interesting plant with a habit of drooling on the carpet.

Though Levi would prefer to simply feed his pet (which he names Obi Two) water and minerals, the geeky lad discovers that Obi has a very distinct diet...

one that may be satiated with the help of local twerps:  a bully, a rich snob, a pesky paperboy...and certainly others....




Pages:  58

Rating:  Savage

Price:  $5.99

Date:  March, 2012










Commentary and bonuses added June, 2016