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Naxos is named after a Greek Island as are some other Kyttons such as Leros.



Naxos will later wear his first victim's hat to hide his cat ears.



Zee was seen as one of the patrons in Krambo's Kave where Voonder and Naxos work.

Though it's not stated in the comic, he meet Voonder in the tavern and the two

schemed to take over Shadow Sol in a future chapter.



We later see Zee in chapter 5.

The dining room scene is meant to resemble The Last Supper.

Zee is posed in a spot very similar to Judas.



The Adam mentioned by Brandon is the same Adam we see later in chapters 4 and 5.

Along with Cohen, all three work as paperboys for the Polywerp Times.



The newspaper says that the prince's birthday is the next month.

This was written back when only 3 chapters were planned.  I've revised the text

to now say the party is a few months away.  This is to make time for Voonder

to build his criminal empire as seen in other chapters.



Old vs New look.

ALL of the blood and gore has been remade for this Comic of the Month work.

I felt the gore for both Chapters 1 and 2 were too far behind the rest of the comic.

See below to get the updated pages!



Several characters' profiles have been updated, most notably Voonder's.




 Updated Pages



I've redone all of the blood and gore plus a few other minor edits.

Also, the newspaper has been updated.



Mild Version (no gore)



Savage Version (has gore)



WunderCut Version

(donation version, more pages)




Page 53 - remade all gore

Page 54 - remade all gore

Page 60 - remade all gore

Page 61 - remade all gore

Page 73 - remade all gore

Page 74 - remade all gore

Page 75 - remade all gore

Page 76 - remade all gore + added more

Page 77 - replaced newspaper in Naxos' hands + added blood to teeth/lips

Page 78 - updated newspaper, putting more time until Lyric's birthday


In addition, all versions have had other minor touch-ups to clothes, hair, etc.




V is for Voonder is an incredibly ambition project!

It's been in the works for nearly 5 years and is pushing 400 pages.

Please donate to help keep this project going and you'll get the full,

Wundercut version of a chapter of your choice!





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