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New Cover

New Character Profiles







After not being satisfied with the look of the first Space Cadets I went with the more stylized character look seen in Space Cadets 2, onward.

The uniforms were remade and the cadets took on the name of their hometown.








The early plan was to have Troy return to the planet Glugwig IV, similar to Ripley in Aliens.

This idea was scrapped and Troy's death was mentioned in Space Cadets 2's opening crawl.

Many years later, Troy's fate was finally created for the Cadets 1's CotM bonuses.



The pirate captain's hair was a rendering error which produced the bizarre look that became Licehair's hair.





Updated Cover



New cover for 2018.

I kept the same basic look but re-made the scene with updated uniforms and used my modern stylized look.


Space Cadets 2 covers.  Original (2006) vs new (2018).





Updated Character Profiles




New profiles for Austin and Phoenix.

Updated entry for Richmond.








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