Episode II:  Pirates of the Final Frontier

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Warning!!  This comic contains graphic depiction of blood and gore!

It’s been a year since Troy and his friends were slaughtered
by the carnivorous glugwigs.  Despite his obvious blunder,
Denver, captain of the SS Napoleon, was allowed to retain
his position as the Space Cadet Trainer.

The SS Napoleon now is on its way back to Earth after being
in outer space for well over a year.  Little do Captain Denver
and the young cadets know, they are being hunted by ruthless

space pirates.  These pirates, led by Admiral Licehair,
with droids that look suspiciously similar to stormtroopers,
close in after the cadets’ vessel....




added February, 2018




PAGES:  81

Rating:  Savage

Price:  $4.99

Date:  2006




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From issue 1

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From issue 2

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